Star of such cinema classics as “The Karate Kid” and “My Cousin Vinny”, friend of the show Ralph Macchio joined Boomer and Craig in the Allstate Studio.

Naturally, Eddie Scozzare welcomed him to the program by playing “You’re The Best Around” as he was being introduced. Ralph kinda saw that one coming.

First the guys want to know why he wasn’t at the celebrity softball game at Yankee Stadium last month. Apparently he was in Vancouver shooting a Lifetime Christmas movie.

Craig says Macchio was a big Jeremy Lin supporter, so the news that he will likely not be with the Knicks next year must be devastating. Ralph says he really isn’t a die-hard basketball fan, so he’s dealing with it OK. He also says he still believes in the Mets this year despite their recent slide.

The guys also spend some time talking about Macchio’s new show on Nat Geo called “American Gypsies” for which he is the producer. The subject matter seems fascinating.

Before they say goodbye, Ralph calls out Craig for interrupting him just like he does to Jerry during his updates. They of course also ask him how much he’s bench pressing these days.

LISTEN: Ralph Macchio Says Helloooo

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