Boanerges Bezerra Initially Thought His Home Was Lost After Seeing Damage

MONROE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A central New Jersey family spent Monday cleaning up after a shocking weekend attack in which explosives were launched at the family home in Monroe Township in Middlesex County.

In Boanerges and Jeanne Bezerra’s master bedroom a gaping hole in the ceiling reveals the charred roof and beams inside the attic. In his daughter’s room the window is boarded up and the rug is scarred with a burn mark.

“I saw the smoke coming from the ceiling and I said ‘I lost the home,'” Boanerges Bezerra told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

Explosives of some kind were fired at the Bezerra home early Saturday morning and the homeowner considers the fact no one was injured a “miracle.”

Boanerges Bezerra said the suspects brought a large stone to his backyard to launch the explosives, possibly pipe bombs, at the house. Investigators have charged Michael Cavallo, his brother Johnathon and Matt Debski in the incident.

“I think the shock is finally wearing off and I’m realizing that our family was under attack,” said Jeanne Bezerra.

Saturday night Jeanne Bezerra told reporter Dave Carlin she believes the suspects may have been trying to settle a grudge with her son that began with a disagreement in an online video gaming community.

“Maybe the line between reality and the game distorts and they feel they are in the game, I don’t know,” Jeanne Bezerra said.

There was no answer at the Cavallo home, just down the street from the Bezerra’s, when CBS 2’s Aiello knocked on the door.

The victims are focused on the clean-up right now, but eventually they’d like some answers, including what could have sparked such a dangerous attack.

On Monday, a judge raised the suspects’ bond to a quarter-million dollars each. They face dozens of charges, including arson and aggravated assault.


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