NEW YORK (WFAN) – The New York Yankees are searching for pitchers to add to their roster and as the July 31st trade deadline approaches will be keeping tabs on Philadelphia Phillies lefty Cole Hamels, the New York Post reported on Monday.

It is believed that general manager Brian Cashman won’t be extremely aggressive in signing the former World Series MVP because of the MLB’s new collective bargaining agreement.

Under the new agreement, teams can no longer receive compensatory draft picks for players acquired in their last year before free agency. This would prevent the Yanks from getting anything if Hamels was acquired and then left at the end of the season. And because the Yankees would likely have to give up a number of prospects for Hamels, “renting” him until the off-season seems unlikely.

Cashman and the team want to get their payroll under the luxury tax threshold of $189 million by 2014, and if they waited to sign the three-time All-Star in the off-season, he would bring in a salary that would move the payroll up even higher.

The Bombers are also reportedly looking at Chicago Cubs starters Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza. Cashman and new Cubs boss, Theo Epstein, expressed excitement earlier this season about their now-expanded ability to make deals with each other.

Brewers right-hander Zach Greinke, however, does not appear to be on the Yankees watch list. Reports claim that Greinke wouldn’t be able to thrive in a New York setting.

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