NEW YORK (WFAN) — No, he did not live in Lin-denhurst. And no, he did not commute through the Lin-coln Tunnel.

But Jeremy Lin did produce as many puns as turnovers — and even made a couch famous.

He could not drive left — much like Jason Kidd could not drive right.

Kidd could have shown Lin some unique moves, like driving and weaving through the lane and drawing a charge at the same time.

In the universe that is the NBA, Lin became a sudden and startling discovery. Much like a shooting star coming and going through the night sky.

Now, if the Knicks don’t match, Lin goes from being that shooting star in the NBA galaxy to a Rocket booster in Houston.

What will happen? We’ll find out soon enough.

LISTEN: Somers’ Monologue: Jeremy Lin, From Knicks’ Shooting Star To Rocket Booster?


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