NEW YORK (WFAN) — R.A. Dickey baffles, doesn’t he?

He dazzles, doesn’t he?

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Deliciously deceptive, he mesmerizes with mystifying magic. Wait a minute, there’s another dancing dart!

Wait another minute! There’s another dancing dagger!

Dickey goes on Letterman, his knuckleball goes on dancing with the All-Stars.

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Watch the ball start to dance, it’s high and then it’s low. Grab your bat and start to go! Let’s do the knucklebug!

If you don’t know how to hit it, boy are you out of luck. You just made an out, you start to look back, start a little movement in your sacroiliac.

Wiggle like a snake and waddle like a duck. That’s the way you look when you do the knucklebug!

The Mets are finally off the schneid, thanks to R.A. and his tricky pitch. Keep it up, boys…

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