Neighbors Say Margaux Tocci, 19, May Have Been Mixed Up In Feud With Vandals

WYCKOFF, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — What is she smiling about?

A 19-year-old woman was arrested early Friday morning after allegedly luring her ex-boyfriend to the beating of his young life.

Whatever the victim thought was going to happen at the deserted school parking lot he was clearly taken by surprise. Police said the teenager’s attractive ex set him up.

“It’s violent. It was premeditated and it’s absolutely unacceptable,” Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox told CBS 2’s Lou Young on Friday.

The suspect is Margaux Tocci, a former cheerleader who allegedly called offering to show her former beau her new car, but then brought him to the dark parking lot where two men beat him with a baseball bat and a pipe, police said.

“She allegedly watched the assault and when the assault was over and the man was lying on the ground bleeding, she left in her car with the two assailants,” Chief Fox said.

Cops said they took money from the victim’s wallet and smashed his cell phone. A nearby homeowner called for help.

“He was very emotional. He was upset. He was upset,” good Samaritan Jon Lucas said.

The victim was stitched up at a local hospital and cops arrested Tocci around 3 a.m. while she was still driving around town. One of her neighbors said he thinks the girl was involved in some kind of feud that involved vandalized cars at the Tocci home earlier this month.

“Somebody sprayed their cars with black paint — license plate, windows, everything. Somebody had it in for them,” Bob Rutz said.

Police said the whole thing is very perplexing, especially the young woman’s smiling mug shot as she was sent off to jail.

“I have no explanation why the woman decided to photograph that way. She’s obviously smiling,” Chief Fox said.

The person not smiling is her current boyfriend, 20-year-old Daniel Cahupiz. He was arrested Friday for allegedly wielding the baseball bat during the attack.

Police said additional arrests are expected.

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