Does having an “in” with a former American Idol judge give The Band Perry any insight as to whether or not their tour mate Brad Paisley will be a judge on that show next season, as rumors this week have indicated?

As it turns out, not really. Former Idol judge Kara DioGuardi co-wrote The Band Perry’s latest hit, “Postcards from Paris,” and Kimberly has called her a “surrogate mom” to the band. But that hasn’t enabled them to shed any more light on whether Brad will soon be sitting next to Randy and Mariah.

“I’m so embarrassed that tonight is the first night we’ve heard that had been batted back and forth,” Kimberly Perry about the Brad/Idol rumors. She and her brothers (Reid and Neil) where speaking to KNCI’s Tom Mailey and Julie Ryan prior to The Band Perry’s performance at in Sacramento last night (July 27). “We seriously haven’t heard anything, we haven’t gotten any insider information.”

“I think he would be perfect at that, though,” she continued. “It’d be a wonderful opportunity for country music.”

So the question, then, is still out there as to who the third American Idol judge will be–and whether Brad (or Carrie Underwood, for that matter) is indeed on the short list.

Listen to the full interview with The Band Perry on CBS Sacramento station KNCI.

Tom Mailey/KNCI