Tom Gossin of Gloriana has been engaged to his fiance Jamie Moffett since this past March. After a ten-year courtship, Gossin told E! News earlier this week that we can finally expect to hear wedding bells, but those bells are off in the distance!

With Gloriana touring, Gossin’s schedule is just too hectic to plan the perfect wedding this year–their single “(Kissed You) Good Night” did, after all, recently break into the Top Five–so he and the beautiful bride-to-be will make it official in October of 2013.

Some wedding planning has already begun, but it’s not the kind you might expect. When most women are proposed to, it’s a dream come true and they can’t wait to blurt out that big fat “Yes!” But Jamie Moffett isn’t your average lady, as Gossin pointed out.

“Before she would say, ‘yes,’ to me, she said, ‘There’s no way you’re getting up and singing at our wedding. Don’t even think about it,'” said Gosslin.

He laughed thinking back to that moment, and lucky for him, it’s a moment he’ll never forget, since a friend filmed the proposal at Moffett’s home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although the singer won’t be serenading his bride on their wedding day, he’ll still be serenading his fans as he continues his tour this year. See upcoming Gloriana tour details on the band’s website.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local