NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Two babies just could not wait to be born.

Siobhan Anderson told CBS 2’s Dick Brennan that she and her husband Bryan were on their way to the hospital but the twins did not want to wait that long.

“I told him he had to pull over and deliver the baby,” she said.

The shoulder of the Southern State Parkway near exit 30 served as the delivery room, Bryan called 911 and medics arrived to deliver the first baby on an ambulance stretcher.

“It was so quick, he came out right away so it wasn’t like a long-term pain it was ‘ahhh my god this hurts’ then it was over,” said Siobhan.

The caravan tried to get to Nassau University Medical Center to deliver the second baby, but they could only make it as far as exit W-3 on the Wantagh before that baby decided that it was time to come out.

“I jump out and go ‘what’s going on?’ and I look in the ambulance and they say ‘baby number two is coming’, and he says ‘it’s a boy’,” Bryan said.

The twins and their two-year old brother Dillon are doing great. Siobhan told CBS 2 that they are considering nicknaming sons Gavin and Declan; ‘Southie’ and ‘W-3’.

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