NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With a few weeks left of summer vacation, parents might be struggling with how to keep their kids occupied while they’re at work.

TV 10-55’s Katie McGee spoke to CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips for tips on how to keep your kids safe, if you have to leave them home alone.

– Keep things like fire arms, medications and sharp silveware under lock and key.

– Make sure kids know their numbers: Emergency contacts – not just 911, but mom & dad’s cell phone numbers, too.

– Leave nutritional choices when it comes to food.

– Fit in a few “practice runs” to test out your child’s new independence. Maybe leave them home alone for 15 minutes while you walk the dog or take the trash out.

– Outline a clear list of house rules, like keeping TV time to a minimum.

For more tips and the full story from TV 10-55’s Katie McGee and CBS News’ Dr. Holly Phillips, watch the video below. Let us know in the comments: What’s your biggest fear about leaving the kids home by themselves?


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