NEW YORK (WFAN) — Upon his arrival at Giants training camp in Albany, former Dallas tight end Martellus Bennett said he was looking forward to kicking “those guys’ a—es.”

“Those guys” being the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ always-entertaining owner, sees things differently. He’s out to turn the tables on the NFC East rivalry — Big D style.

“I know we’re standing here today, but we want you to come to (Cowboys Stadium) and watch us beat the New York Giants’ a—, OK?” he announced to fans Monday.

Jones made the boast during a “civic event” — complete with skydivers and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders — as his team opened camp in California, according to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

There has never been a shortage of juice in the Giants-Cowboys rivalry. But with Jones and Bennett already getting it started, expect more headlines than usual this year.

“I mean we are cool but we ain’t that cool, know what I am saying?” Bennett said of his former team last week. “I kind of got some ill feelings towards them overall. It is a game, I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL.”

It may be tough for Jones’ team to back up his pronouncement. Not only are the Giants the reigning NFL champs, they have owned the Cowboys since early 2008.

New York, en route to its first title in the Eli Manning era, beat Dallas in the 2008 playoffs. The Giants have since taken six of eight regular-season games against the Cowboys.

As for kicking “the Giants’ a—es” at Cowboys Stadium?

That hasn’t ever happened — at least not yet. New York is 3-0 in Dallas since the new stadium opened in 2009.

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