WEST MILFORD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — You’ve heard of squirrels running amok in backyards and even the occasional frightening bear hanging out in a neighborhood tree, but a pair of pythons slithering along a lawn in New Jersey?

That’s exactly what a Garden State social studies teacher encountered in his West Milford yard just days apart.

James Geist said he was relaxing on his deck a week ago, when he spotted his first visitor — a 16-foot albino python. He called local police, who dispatched a snake handler.

Police help snag a 10-foot python from James Geist’s backyard. (credit: James Geist)

Four days later, he looked out the window and saw a 10-foot python. Again, the snake-fearing Geist called Animal Control, which took care of it.

Officers said the snakes were probably someone’s pets that were released outdoors.

A snake handler removes an albino python from James Geist’s backyard. (credit: James Geist)

Animal Control said the snakes were docile, probably because they had just eaten.

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