NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – We can build bridges with the things we say and we can put up obstacles when we say the wrong thing.

Andrea Gardner has written a book called “The Power of Words” and she also put out a video on YouTube that has over 14.5 million hits to date.

It features a blind gentleman who is sitting on a street in Glasgow, Scotland and trying to get donations.

“He has a sign which says ‘I’m blind. Please help.’ and people are passing by and a young advertising exec. walks by, a lady, and she stops and she thinks ‘I can help this guy. I can change his world,'” Garner told WCBS 880’s Wayne Cabot. “So, she changes his sign to say ‘It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.’ and the donations start pouring in and she’s changed his world.”

Gardner said they added a message at the end of the video saying “Change your words. Change your world.”

LISTEN: Cabot With Gardner

“That seems to have struck a chord with hearts and minds around the world and if we can choose the power words that vibrate at the highest level we’ll have much richer experiences,” she told Cabot.

“This is New York. We’re full of skeptics in this city, fast-talking skeptics who don’t necessarily choose their words very carefully. What do you tell the fast-talking New Yorker skeptic among us?” asked Cabot.

“Just try changing the words that you use for a week. Act as if the universe is conspiring with you rathe than against you and just try it,” she said. “What have you got to lose?”


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