As previously reported, Gloriana’s Tom Gossin is newly engaged and has set a wedding date. And now it turns out his brother Mike has quite the bachelor party in mind as well.

Gloriana’s new album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind is out in stores right now and 99.5 WYCD’s Dr. Don Morning Show had a chance to catch up with the trio and gather the dirt on the engagement, The Hangover party and of course, their music!

As of this interview, their Gold-certified hot single “(Kissed You) Goodnight” is in the Top Five on the country charts, and though the band is a bit surprised (“we’re still pinching ourselves”), the fans are not! Watch the video below to see why “Kissed You” is Gold.

Tom noted that he recently contracted a case of laryngitis that was bad enough to put on vocal rest for a week. That meant no speaking or singing, which he jokes about in brotherly love fashion. “Mike really enjoyed those days. He got to talk smack to me and I couldn’t say anything back!”

From a rooftop in Atlanta, Tom Gossin popped the question to his girlfriend of ten years, Jamie Moffett, and he was certain she had no idea it was coming. “It was a great moment. I think she had a Budweiser can in her hand,” quickly adding, “she’s a good Southern girl – and the minute I asked her she just dropped everything she was holding, including her Budweiser. Which in my opinion,” he jokes, “it didn’t call for alcohol abuse.”

So is Mike going to be the best man at brother Tom’s wedding? Apparently that goes without saying, as Mike appears to be more excited than the prospective groom. Or at least he’s excited about the bachelor party, and by the sounds of it he has already set the wheels in motion!

As Tom explains, “Mike is more excited about this than I am because, his dream is to recreate the movie The Hangover. Someone’s gonna wake up with a tattoo on their face.”

Mike doesn’t stop there, however. He has done his research and already has a bachelor party recovery plan. “Dude, I’ve been researching it in Las Vegas, the new thing to do is where you wake up in the morning…they have this truck, like a van and it has IVs, like you can pay to get an IV, and get your fluids restored, the hangover van.” He was serious! So we did a little research, and wise old Mike is right. will send someone to your room with an IV, and in minutes, you’re ready to go. Just in case you were wondering, (we were) they do have a disclaimer that the medications they use are FDA approved.

Listen to the complete Gloriana interview with WYCD.

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– Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD


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