NEW YORK (WFAN) – During a painful 2011 season, Justin Tuck nearly called it quits.  Steve Serby of The New York Post reported earlier today that Tuck strongly considered retirement during the of the 2011 season.

“Sure. Definitely did. I contemplated it,” the defensive end revealled to The Post. “But, I think that was just me feeling sorry for myself for a little bit there.”

Tuck suffered neck, shoulder, toe and groin injuries over the course of last season.  It was also an emotional year for Tuck.  He lost his grandfather in August and his uncle in September.

All of this was weighing on Tuck, who discussed the possibility of retirement with his wife, close friends and Tom Coughlin.

“Honestly, just consulted a lot of my family and closest friends, and just realizing this is what I love to do, and I’m not ready to give it up regardless of the hardships,” Tuck said.

“I think for a little while, like I said, I felt sorry for myself because of the fact that I’m sitting here saying like, ‘Why is all this happening to me?’ I don’t think I was thinking clearly.”

Ultimately, Tuck played through the physical and mental hardships to help the Giants become Super Bowl champions.

“After winning the Super Bowl, getting away from football for a while allowed me just to think clearly,” he explained.

28 probably would’ve been too young for Tuck to retire, but we all could understand his reasons.  In the end, Giants fans are glad that number 91 will be lining up at defensive end for another season at MetLife Stadium.

Will Tuck be a major contributor in 2012 after the pain of last season?  Share your thoughts below…