Street Value Of Haul Estimated At $60,000; Police Slap The Cuffs On 3

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Looks like someone working for brown was trying to go green.

Sources told CBS 2 on Friday that one special delivery ended up with two UPS workers behind bars.

Sources said police started investigating the UPS facility on Foster Avenue following a tip.

While watching the place Thursday morning, sources said undercover officers became suspicious when they noticed driver Ruben Jordan loading a box onto a truck he wasn’t assigned to.

Sources said police continued to watch the truck after Jordan went off duty and left. That’s when another driver, Alexis Herve, allegedly drove it to a dead-end street, where he found Jordan, 44, waiting with another man and a minivan.

Herve, 52, allegedly gave the package to Jordan, who loaded it into the minivan.

That’s when police moved in. Inside the package, police found three five gallon buckets from Home Depot stuffed with marijuana, sources said. The pot — nearly 40 pounds of it — has a street value of almost $60,000.

Police also recovered tens of thousands of dollars on the front seat of the minivan.

Both drivers and the non-UPS employee were arrested. All three face drug charges.

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