'Fish Fueled Pepper Rocket' Wins Sam Wohabe A Dinner Date With First Family

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A young, aspiring chef from Manhattan, who will be a VIP guest at an upcoming White House state dinner, recently took some time out to cook for CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Sam Wohabe’s entry into a cooking contest encouraging healthy eating impressed first lady Michelle Obama and White House chefs that judged the entries.

WEB EXTRA: Sam’s Fish Fueled Pepper Rocket Recipe

Now, the 9-year-old will join other contest winners around the country for a trip to the nation’s capital for dinner with the Obamas.

The rooftop garden of his Upper East Side co-op is where you’ll often find the budding chef collecting what he needs to whip up one of his original recipes.

What earned him a seat at the table?

A fun fish recipe called “Fish Fueled Pepper Rocket,” which is made from orange bell peppers, halibut and Manchego cheese.

fish fueled pepper rocket Young Manhattan Chef Cooks Up Contest Winning Recipe For CBS 2

Fish Fueled Pepper Rocket (credit: CBS 2)

CBS 2’s Carlin looked on as the chunked halibut was sautéed on the stove. Sam then hollowed out the big bell peppers and spooned in some halibut with some grated cheese before baking it for 30 minutes.

He topped off his creation with salty and crisp kale chips and added quinoa. He said his goal is to be a world-famous chef with his own restaurant and TV show.

He also had some advice for any kid with a dream.

“If you’re good at something keep doing it, keep doing it. keep doing it and eventually you’ll be able to do something like this,” he said.

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