NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A Columbia University student is suing a Manhattan gentlemen’s club over a broken nose that he received in November.

Robert Demartini, 24, was at Lace Gentlemen’s Club on 7th Ave and 48th street when club employees became frustrated by his refusal to spend money on drinks and lap dances.

Demartini was apparently kissing a female companion as well, according to his lawyer Carmen Giordano.

Giordano said that his client was not drunk and did not touch any of the strippers, but that management wanted to kick him out because he was not spending any money.

“He wasn’t spending any money and they didn’t like it,” said Giordano.

When he was confronted by the club staff DeMartini supposedly made an offensive comment to a bouncer, prompting three of them to beat him, according to his lawyer.

DeMartini missed his next semester of school, underwent two surgeries, and now has a droopy eyelid. He is suing to recoup the cost of hospital bills, lost time in school, and pain and suffering.

Lace employees declined to comment on the incident.

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