Attempt To 'Green' Up Parks Vehicles Ends After Just 36 Months, Big Money

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Queens residents have been left scratching their heads after a $260,000 alternative energy tram in Fort Totten Park was scrapped for a $20,000 alternative after only three years.

Parks officials said the tram was purchased as “part of our effort to ‘Green’ our work vehicles,” but the pricey coach now lies unused, its engine still in the shop for service.

“It just seems like they did this in haste, and didn’t really investigate as to the problems that might come up,” park visitor Maureen Troici said.

The tram, which hasn’t moved for months, has been replaced by a smaller electric cart.

“Operating the cart is more efficient than operating the tram, as it uses fewer staff and does not require special fuel to be brought in,” said a parks spokesman.

But the borough president wants the park to explain just why it took such a large amount of funding for a tram that would be replaced by a cheaper vehicle after only 36 months.

Park visitor Deborah Montero said she’s fed up with such useless spending.

“Those are the things that frustrate me as a New Yorker. There’s no forward thinking, we don’t plan ahead, we just go, do, spend money,” she said.

The borough president said there is a natural gas filling station at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, and wants the eco-friendly tram to be put back in service there.

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