All in black with his backwards cap, the “Love Like Crazy” singer Lee Brice walked onto the stage at Country in the Park in Elverta, California on August 19, receiving a grand welcoming from screaming fans.

After singing a song or two, Lee Brice took a break to speak to the crowd, taking on a serious tone.

“We’ve got a song for you. It’s really important.” He paused before adding, “This song is called ‘Beer!’”

Fans cheered and took swigs from their beers while Brice scurried off the stage. Moments later, Brice surprised us all by shooting up into the sky on a fire ladder! And when you’re on a fire ladder with access to a fire hose, you might as well use it!

And boy did he ever! He included the fans in his performance by spraying them with water and having them shout, “Beer!” while he sang.

(Photo by Christopher Garcia/CBS)

It was quite the performance that made us want to drink a little more beer, but Brice reminded us before ending his performance to use good judgment.

“You all be careful out there, please,” said Brice. “It’s hot y’all, listen. You gotta drink at least a full bottle of water before a beer.”

The fans were definitely still pounding beers and likely drank a little of the water Brice sprayed in their mouths.

Ronnie Dunn, Thompson Square, James Wesley and Jon Pardi were also at this concert. To hear why Ronnie Dunn thought the park “smelled” or what sneaky prank James Wesley also pulled, be sure to visit the KNCI website.

-Ashley Quadros, KNCI/105.1


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