The great Jerry “Rello” Recco was on hand to give us his first update, and Craig noted that he was in a terrific mood this morning.

Just before Jerry began, the guys wrapped up their discussion about Skip Bayless’ irresponsible comments about Derek Jeter and PEDs. Craig takes a cue from Skip and makes some wild speculation that Jerry’s good mood is the result of spending more time with his poodle (which he does not have). That creates an interesting exchange.

When Jerry gets going with the update, he starts with the Yankees’ loss in Chicago. Maybe even more entertaining than the game was Joe Girardi’s dust-up with a heckler during his postgame interview. We hear the audio from their exchange.

Before long, Boomer notices that Craig is sitting awfully close to him on the set. He was apparently close enough that Booms could smell his funky breath. Craig tries to freshen up with some oral mist. But that just gets the conversation derailed even further.

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