Doctors: If You Follow A Few Simple Commands You Can Avoid Premature Aging

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Great skin is at the top of just about every woman’s wish list, but despite our best efforts, we still make skin care mistakes, sometimes without even knowing it.

Now, CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson has what you need to know about the most damaging bad habits that can cause your skin to prematurely age.

Admit it; you’ve probably jumped into bed without washing your face at least once.

“There were a few nights when I was just lazy, I would fall asleep,” one person said.

But that’s not the only skin care mistake many of us make. Your choice of cleanser could also be doing your skin more harm than good.

“You really don’t need antiperspirant on your face,” said Jean Kean of Parsippany, N.J.

Cosmetic physician Dr. Susan Tanne said one of the biggest mistakes people make is using body soap on their face.

“That leaves them with a film, a chemical film of deodorant on their face. That’s not exactly what we want to nourish and hydrate the skin,” Dr. Tanne said.

The doctor also suggested washing your hair, before washing your face, in the shower.

“Ingredients in your shampoo are wonderful for your hair and your scalp, but it’s not necessarily what you want on your cheeks, nose and under your eyes,” Dr. Tanne said.

Other skin care mistakes you might be making include:

* Washing your face with water that’s too hot — it can dry out your skin.

* Taking care of your face, but ignoring your neck and chest.

“It’s a give-away of age,” Dr. Tanne said.

And, doctors said, over-moisturizing can result in a build-up of dead skin cells.

“Often times if the product says use once a day people will use it twice a day or even sometimes more and even if the product says use sparingly, people use a heavy hand because they think they will get a better result,” Dr. Debra Jaliman said.

Using expired products is also a big mistake.

“They do have a shelf life. They don’t work as well and if you’re going to be dipping into a jar again and again, you’re contaminating them,” Dr. Tanne said.

Jean Kane said she was amazed at how many skin care mistakes she was making.

“I wish I knew back then what I know now,” Kane said. “You fall into these bad habits, but that’s changed.”

“The basic protocol is really simple and it’s really centered around good cleansing, some hydration and some sun protection,” Dr. Tanne said.

The most important thing you can do is wear sunscreen every day, not just in the summer.

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