First, Craig fills us in on the Mets’ new rallying cry for the remainder of the season. Ready for it? Here it is…”We’re Number Three!”

That’s right, the Mets season has sunk low enough that they have now established that finishing in 3rd place in the NL East ahead of the Marlins and Phillies will be deemed a great enough success that they have built a team slogan around it.

Then, Jerry tweeted a link to a site that listed the odds for every NFL team’s chances at winning the Super Bowl this season. Somehow, the Giants are 13th on the list overall and ranked behind six teams in the NFC. Two of those teams ranked ahead of them are in the same division (Cowboys and Eagles) and the other may not even be the second best team in their own division (Bears).

The Jets, meanwhile, are only four slots behind the Giants at 17. Is Vegas underestimating the defending Super Bowl champs? It certainly would appear that way.

LISTEN: New Mets Mantra, Oddsmakers Slight Giants

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