The former Giants center and current NFL Network analyst joins B&C to talk about retirement and his new gig on TV.

As a former member of Big Blue, it was only fitting that the guys got Shaun’s take on the Giants. Boomer asked him if he got the itch this morning. O’Hara’s response, “I woke up in a 3-point stance.”

A center and QB have a very special relationship, so who better to talk Eli than Shaun. The former Giant knew early on that Eli had the goods. Even in practice the younger Manning was brilliant in the two-minute drill. But the biggest thing he saw that made him believe that No. 10 would be a champion is how he handled himself after a brutal performance.

Eli Manning is definitely the toast of the NY sports town, but that was not the case early on in his career. The same could be said about another Big Apple QB, Mark Sanchez. Despite back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances, the Sanchize has come under heavy fire for his play. Even his own team brought in a high-profiled player to back him up.

Shaun O’Hara is without question a fan of the former Trojan QB. He knows the bar is set really high for Mark, but feels he has the tools and does not blame him for Gang Green missing the tournament last season.

The interview wraps up with Craig asking Shaun if there is still bitterness towards the Giants. The former center simply said “no”. The Giants were the first team both in the pros and in college that said they wanted him. He will forever be grateful to that organization and does not have a bad word to say about them…

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