City Council Hopes To Strengthen Enforcement, Educate And Improve Safety

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New Yorkers may like their food in a hot minute, but the City Council is considering a package of bills that would slow down the speeding bikers who make deliveries and force them to follow the rules of the road.

“New Yorkers want what they want when they want it, but nothing is more important than safety.  This is not the wild, wild west,” said James Vacca, the chairman of the Transportation Committee.

The Council is promising to crack down on the speedy bikers with a series of measures designed to strengthen enforcement, increase education and improve safety.

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“For too long we have had little to no enforcement of existing laws and deliver cyclists are frequently called out for running red lights or riding on the sidewalks,” Vacca said.

The Transportation Department told the hearing it is making sure delivery bikers have lights, bells, helmets and vests, but said ticketing bikers for breaking the rules is up to police.

“We will not be enforcing against individual cyclists. We’ll be enforcing against the businesses and working with the businesses,” said Deputy Transportation Commissioner Kate Slevin.

A witness who testified at the hearing said the cyclists have it rough between customers who demand food be delivered quickly and pressure from bosses whose profits increase with speedier deliveries.

Vacca, however, said it is no excuse.

“Unacceptable that they go the wrong way on one-way street, that they run stop signs, that they’re on sidewalks and we have legislation here that finally is going to be addressing this problem,” he said.

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