NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This Sunday is the Susan G. Komen Greater New York City Race For The Cure.

As well as raising much needed funding for research, the race celebrates and honors those who have lost the battle against breast cancer.

TV 10-55’s Lisa Kerney profiled an exercise and recovery program called “MovingOn.” It’s designed for breast cancer survivors, by a breast cancer survivor. Her name is Lockey Maisonneuve.

She has not only survived, but she has thrived since her breast cancer diagnoses in 2006.

A certified personal trainer, she created MovingOn for two New Jersey Hospitals, Overlook Medical Center and St. Peters Hospital.

She’s been leading classes at Overlook since 2009 and added St. Peters this year. She is in constant communication with oncologists to make sure she utilizes the latest medical information to maximize the effectiveness of her program.

According to the National Cancer Institute, physical fitness improves the quality of life in cancer survivors.

Exercise reduces fatigue and improves the psychological well-being of breast cancer survivors. One study found that breast cancer survivors who exercise moderately had improved survival rates compared to woman who were more sedentary.

Moderate exercise is the equivalent of walking 3 to 5 hours per week at an average pace. The impact was even more profound for women with hormone responsive tumors.

Lockey literally hit the ground running to regain her physical fitness after her treatment. She reached her goal of running a triathlon just two short months after her last surgery.

For more information about MovingOn, check out their website.