NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Ana Cuevas was showing signs of strain when she arrived for a meeting with the Bronx District Attorney on Sunday. An hour later she fainted during a press conference, the stress seemed to overwhelm her.

It took Cuevas about a minute to regain consciousness, she was put on a stretcher and taken away by an ambulance as a precaution. Family members told CBS 2’s Dick Brennan that Cuevas suffers from high blood pressure and that she has fainted three times since her son Reynaldo was fatally shot by police on Friday.

“It hurts really much that her son is dead,” said Newton Pena.

Ana Cuevas seen leaving the Bronx DA’s Office with Attorney Sanford Rubenstein and family spokesman Fernando Mateo. Credit WCBS 880 Reporter Jim Smith

Reynaldo had been running from armed robbers in a Bronx Bodega when collided with and was shot by a cop, according to police.

Cuevas’ family has disputed the claim that the shooting was an accident; they say a video of the incident tells a different story.

“He clips him, the officer turns around, the kids on the ground, and he shoots him,” said Family Spokesman Fernando Mateo.

Mateo told 1010 WINS reporter that the family believes the shooting was intentional.

“We believe it was murder,” he said.

1010 WINS Reporter Carol D’Auria reports…

Reynaldo’s mother and uncle were also detained for a period time after the shooting, according to the family.
The family told CBS 2 that the Bronx District Attorney would not give them a definite timetable on when he would decide whether or not to impanel a grand jury.

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