By Joe Benigno
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What have we learned through two weeks of the season? The answer is nothing, with a record 20 teams boasting 1-1 records. Well I guess we have learned one thing. It’s time to bring back the regular officials, as the replacement officials are becoming a disaster!!!

1.  San Francisco 49ers (1) 2-0

Clearly the league’s best team through two weeks. Does this defense ever miss a tackle?

Next: @ Vikings

2. Houston Texans (4) 2-0 – Impressive start for the Texans, Yeah, I know their wins are against Miami and Jacksonville, but they’ve done what they should do, which is blow out two inferior opponents by a combined score of 57-17.

Next: @ Broncos

3. Arizona Cardinals (unranked) 2-0  The Cardinals? Hey, if you go into Foxborough and beat the Pats, you can’t be too bad. Have now won nine of last 11 dating back to next year. If they only had a quarterback.

Next: versus Eagles

4. Atlanta Falcons (9) 2-0 – Put 40 on the lousy Chiefs in the Week 1 opener, and then picked off Peyton Manning three times in the first quarter in solid Monday night win.

Next: @ Chargers

5. Philadelphia Eagles (unranked) 2-0  10 turnovers and six Mike Vick interceptions, yet the Eagles are 2-0 with both wins coming by one point. Either the Birds are very lucky or this is a sign of a good team which knows how to win when they’re not  playing well. We’ll see.

Next: @ Cardinals

6. Baltimore Ravens (2) 1-1 – Got hosed with some questionable calls in a tough loss in Philly, but still could be AFC’s best team. Showdown on Sunday night in Baltimore versus shaky Pats in AFC Championship Game rematch.

Next: versus Patriots

7. New York Giants (unranked) 1-1 – Eli Manning again shows why he is the games’ best fourth-quarter QB. Giants scored 25 4th-quarter points in their comeback win over the Bucs. Guess Tom Coughlin won’t be going out for drinks with Greg Schiano anytime soon.

Next: @ Panthers

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (unranked) 1-1 – Nice bounce back by Pitt with home-opening thrashing of Jets after Week 1 loss in Denver.  Aren’t you tired of hearing how old their defense is?

Next: @ Raiders

9. San Diego Chargers (unranked) 2-0 – Still not that impressed by these guys despite easy wins at Oakland and versus the Titans, but they are 2-0. Bad news for San Diego is that Norv Turner is still the coach.

Next: vs. Falcons

10. Green Bay Packers (unranked) 1-1 – The defense looked great in the beatdown of Chicago. Clay Matthews just sacked Jay Cutler again. Still, something seems to be off with the vaunted Green Bay offense.

Next: @ Seahawks

What do you think of Joe’s rankings? Is he nuts or right on point? Let us know in the comments section below…


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