NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s two railroad lines are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, according to a report by the MTA’s Inspector General.

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The report says the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North workers are illegally idling their vehicles while working in the field. The investigation found vehicles idled for a combined 20,000 hours each month, wasting over $800,000 a year.

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The state prohibits idling for more than five minutes at a time.

The MTA claims it’s cash-strapped and needs more revenue to maintain services and is getting ready for a series of fare hikes.

Subway and bus fares are going up in March and there’s a proposal to raise the toll on the Verrazano Bridge from $13 to $15.

Congressman Michael Grimm is fighting to stop the toll increases.

“Why is the answer always to raise tolls? Every family and business in NYC has had to learn to live within a budget, so why can’t the MTA?  We are sick and tired of NYC’s debt-stricken agencies – whether it being the PA or the MTA – running immediately to the taxpayers for a bailout,” he said in a statement. “There has to be another solution that doesn’t involve shifting the burden to the taxpayer.”

Both railroads have agreed to the report’s recommendations to limit vehicle idling.

“Certainly, we are encouraged that the LIRR and MNR have accepted all of our recommendations and intensified and expanded their efforts to reduce excessive vehicle idling,” Inspector General Barry L. Kluger said in a statement. “Unquestionably, these efforts will result in financial savings and a cleaner environment.”

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