NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm was the victim of an act of vandalism at his campaign office and is calling it sabotage.

Grimm told WCBS 880 reporter Jim Smith that the incident was an “attack against democracy”.

WCBS 880 Reporter Jim Smith reports…

“The main computers that we use for polling and robo-calls and things like that, someone physically uploaded a new operating system which erased our hard-drives,” he said.

In the weeks leading up to the burglary “Grimm For Congress” signs had been repeatedly removed from the lawns of Grimm supporters.

Cement blocks were also thrown through the window of his campaign office on Hylan Boulevard, Grimm called it a deliberate act perpetrated by “cowards”.

“There’s no question that this is a very deliberate act. Literally every single window is big posters with my name on it so there’s no question what this place is,” Grimm explained.

The NYPD and Capitol Police are investigating, Grimm said that he has backed up all of the lost data but called the attack “disgraceful”.

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