With all the talk surrounding the NFL replacement officials, the NFLPA has cited players safety as a major concern, which is certainly a pressing matter.

Boomer decided to take the players’ safety concern to an entire new level this morning, when he said, “If the NFLPA is really worried about player safety, then the NFLPA should do something about the massive growth of HGH use with in the NFL player ranks.”

Boomer went on to cite how much bigger and faster the players are and how he is amazed by how some of these guys look.  When pressed by Craig to offer a percentage of players he believes to be currently using HGH, Boomer estimated between 60-70 percent.

Here’s lookin’ at you, union chief DeMaurice Smith.

LISTEN: Boomer Sounds Off On ‘Massive Growth Of HGH Use Within The NFL Player Ranks’ (09/25)

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