With the Pirates in town to take on the ‘Not So Amazin’ Mets, Al Dukes booked MVP candidate Andrew McCutchen to join Boomer & Craig in the Allstate Studio to talk a little baseball.

McCutchen talked with the guys about his chances of winning the NL batting title now that Melky Cabrera has taken himself out of the running.  On the same subject, McCutchen frowned upon the manner in which Jose Reyes captured the crown last season.

Of course the topic of NL MVP came up, as McCutchen has a good as of a shot as anyone of winning the award.  We heard about his teammates AJ Burnett’s ‘soft shell’ and what a great guy he is.  The All-Star outfielder informed us of a few teams that he thinks will be dangerous come playoff time and we also learned that when he was still ‘benchin’ (about 5 years ago) he could put up about 320 lbs…

LISTEN: Pirates Star Andrew McCutchen Talks MVP, Batting Titles And More (09/26)

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