NEW YORK (WFAN) — Where in the world is Roger Goodell?

WFAN morning show co-host Craig Carton has seen enough of the NFL’s replacement officials. He hasn’t seen enough of the league’s commissioner.

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And boy did he let the commish know it.

“There comes a point when you blow your gasket and enough is enough,” Carton simmered Wednesday morning. “We’re gonna watch another two weeks of football with incompetent officials ruining the sport we love. And where’s my commissioner? He’s nowhere to be found! Roger Goodell ain’t answering his phone, because if he did, there wouldn’t be 70,000 voicemails left for him — he would have talked to 70,000 people!”

LISTEN: Carton explodes on Roger Goodell

He was just getting started.

Target: Goodell — locked on.

“You sir are out of order!” Carton exploded. “You are now affecting us. And I’m not just talking about anybody. I’m talking about the red-blooded, blue-collar, hard-working American male: the guy who’s making $50,000 a year who loves football so much, that even though you priced him out of the sport, what’s that guy do once a year? He saves up all his money. He don’t go to Disney World. He takes little junior to a football game to watch your product!”

Carton called the NFL a “sham” on Tuesday morning, after Monday night’s game-deciding call gave Seattle a controversial win over Green Bay. Packers players took to Twitter to vent, as did athletes, fans and celebrities alike. Even President Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney weighed in on the growing furor.

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Monday’s desperation touchdown, dubbed the “Fail Mary,” was just the latest in a string of iffy calls made by fill-ins while the league’s locked-out officials wait for their labor impasse to end.

“You don’t give a damn,” Carton said of Goodell. “If you cared about the fans, you would have stepped out from your Park Avenue office and you would have apologized to us for what happened Monday night and every other game this year.”

The NFL released a statement on Tuesday upholding the call by replay officials, but admitted Seattle receiver Golden Tate should have been flagged for offensive pass interference.

Goodell hasn’t commented publicly on the call or the replacement rage, though the commissioner has reportedly been personally involved in ongoing labor talks with the NFL Referees Association.

“The crap that you’re putting out there every night — five-hour games, incompetent officials, phantom calls — what happens? You disappear,” said Carton. “You, sir, are the emperor — and the emperor has new clothes. You’ve become a joke.”

Co-host Boomer Esiason had to ask: what about that statement?

“An unsigned statement from nobody in the NFL,” Carton said. “Why won’t the commissioner act like a commissioner?”

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Does the commish need to step up and say something? Anything? Vent your frustrations in the comments below…