Sorry cowboys! Hannah Blaylock of Edens Edge is no longer a single lady. In the midst of touring with Rascal FlattsLittle Big Town and the Eli Young Band, this brown-haired beauty said “I do!”

In her home state of Arkansas, on September 30, Blaylock and Justin Wakefield, her boyfriend of four years, tied the knot at the Pratt Place Barn and Inn, according to The Boot.

Blaylock walked down the aisle to a tune her brother Wesley Blaylock wrote about his wife called “Falling Over You.” It was an intimate affair, and Blaylock’s friend and former bandmate, Steve Smith, officiated the ceremony.

Smith’s connection to Hannah and Edens Edge, by the way, is significant, as he was actually an original member of the group, when they first formed back in Arkansas. Hannah and her parents originally sang with Smith, and as Hannah explained in a CBS Local interview last June, “He’s the one who introduced and brought Dean [Berner] and Cherrill [Green] into the band.” He also wrote the song “Christ Alone,” the final track on Eden Edge’s debut album.

Sticking with the family/friend theme, friends of the bride and groom helped decorate the reception, made centerpieces, and brought homemade pies, cobbler, and cookies. To top off the family vibe, Blaylock’s father performed with his band Summerfield Reunion during the reception.

After the wedding was over, Blaylook took a moment to tweet a picture of herself and her groom on Twitter.

The following the day, Blaylock tweeted again:

Hannah also posted photos from the wedding on the Edens Edge website.

The couple are currently headed off on their honeymoon, but don’t worry, they’ll be back in time for the next stop of the Rascal Flatts Changed tour.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local/Sacramento


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