Relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson says you can tell a lot by a person’s surroundings. His new book, It’s Complicated, was just released. Now he’s revealing the 5 top tips to improve your dating life.

Tip #1: Hold Up a Mirror and Point Your Finger

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The hardest thing to do is face the hard facts – we’re picky (not selective), we’re overweight (not curvy), our style is outdated (not vintage), etc. The sooner we admit our flaws, the easier it is to accept or improve them. Self-awareness is always the first step to self-development.

Tip #2: Identify A Love Mentor

Securing a Love Mentor can be the single best step you make in your romantic life, if done correctly. Doing this correctly means selecting the right person. Love mentors can be the same or opposite sex from you. The keys are that they a) share your values. b) can speak to you objectively. c) have experienced a healthy relationship.

Tip #3: Surround Yourself with New People

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As we get older, our social circles typically shrink. With friends still being a top source for meeting the partners we eventually marry, a shrinking pool of people doesn’t help. So don’t blow off your boring co-workers dinner party. The best thing you can do for your dating life is to create new opportunities – and opportunities come through people.

Tip #4: Drop 10% of Your Friends

Yes, that’s right, I intentionally drop 10 percent of my friends each year. This is not to be confused with the naturally occurring attrition that comes with time and distance. I’m talking about taking account of your current social circles and evaluating those with negative intent. Life is hard enough just keeping up, and the last thing we need is a negative force bringing us down and imposing doubt. While we all evolve, not all of us evolve in a positive direction.

Tip #5: Expect for Love to Come in Unexpected Packages

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Don’t miss out on love because you are not open-minded to all the ways it can arrive. Expect love to come in unexpected packages! I have personally witnessed this in my matchmaking business – someone will say, “I’ll never date a guy with this and that.” Then, they meet a guy with this and that, the chemistry is on, and everything else becomes secondary.