It came as a shock to some when Carrie Underwood agreed to meet 12-year-old Chase’s request for a kiss. And it wasn’t just an innocent kiss on the cheek, either. Underwood and the kid kissed on the lips after he requested “lip-to-lip” action.

Not surprisingly, Underwood has been overwhelmed with more kiss requests, according to the OC Register, but she won’t be handing more out anytime soon. That said, someone else just might.

It seems that Carrie’s opening act, Hunter Hayes, has also been getting propositioned for kisses. While at concerts, Underwood has spotted signs for Hayes asking for “lip-to-lip” to action.

Rather than discouraging the 21-year-old “Wanted” singer from such endeavors, Underwood has a different kind of approach for him.

“He’s young, he should have fun,” said Underwood.

Touring is all about having fun for Underwood who is still on her Blown Away tour.

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“We’re having a lot of fun when we’re out on the road,” said Underwood. “If we weren’t, we wouldn’t keep doing it.”

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local/Sacramento


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