Mixed Reaction To Rumors; Giuliani Said To Covet Role With A Romney Admin.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani contemplating a return to City Hall?

His spokeswoman said no, but that isn’t stopping speculation he might jump into the 2013 race for mayor.

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A tabloid report that the two-term mayor is kinda, sorta, maybe considering a run for a third term has set Republican hearts aflutter.

GOP Executive Vice Chairman Vince Tabone heard Giuliani’s spokesman deny the report, but said Republican leaders can hope.

“It’s an exciting idea, but my concern is that it’s just a teaser,” Tabone told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello on Friday.  “If Rudy was interested, he knows all our phone numbers. He can call us and we’d be very excited to talk to him.”

CBS 2’s Aiello asked New Yorkers for their reaction about a third term for Giuliani.

“It’s like been there, done that,” one man said.

“It’s better than some options, I think,” another man said.

“No thank you,” said one woman.

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“I saw the change from the way it was when Giuliani took over, so I wouldn’t mind him coming back,” another man said.

“He was an incredibly successful mayor and there is a powerful nostalgia for that, especially now that crime has started to eek back upwards a little bit,” political consultant Gerry O’Brien said.

O’Brien said the Giuliani comeback talk reflects dissatisfaction with the current crop of presumed contenders.

“Democrats haven’t won a Mayoral race in over 20 years,” he said. “I’ve actually heard Democrats say Anthony Weiner would be a stronger candidate than any of these people, and that’s saying something.”

“Knowing Rudy, I think at this point in his life, I’d be shocked if he wanted to come back,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Many Republicans believe Giuliani is angling for a prominent role in a Romney administration depending how things turn out on Nov. 6.

There’s speculation Giuliani is interested in serving as Secretary of State or Homeland Security, or perhaps Attorney General.

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