Enjoy your Jets tailgate by following the rules (Credit: Christine Wans)

Yup, Sanchez will be starting this Sunday. No matter which way the game goes, one thing you can bet on for sure is that Tebow versus Sanchez debates will rage from lots E to P at MetLife Stadium this weekend. Gang Greeners can only have their fingers crossed that Luck will run out of luck, and believe in the defense. The offense may be confused, but Jets tailgaters can’t afford to be. If you’re heading out to the game and giving it your all for our boys in green, the rules of the road remain the same.

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1. Plan ahead – NFL game-day parking at MetLife requires a pre-paid permit. No permit means no parking space and there are no exceptions to this rule.

2. Set your alarm clock – Parking is first come, first served and the lots start filling up by around 9:30 a.m. Don’t forget the coffee if breakfast beer isn’t your thing, but keep in mind that you’ll probably move onto an alcoholic something as soon as the conversation turns to Darrelle Revis.

3. Pack everything, and we mean everything – If you don’t need it, someone else will. Think food, stuff that goes with food, stuff that food gets put on, stuff that cleans up food, stuff you’ll need to wear and every other kind of stuff you can come up with.

4. Be neighborly – Despite the fact that you packed all that stuff, you probably forgot something. Never fear because the tailgaters next door most likely have it. Be polite when borrowing the ketchup/cigars/bean bags and don’t forget to graciously lend your tailgating neighbor the items they forgot as well.

5. Plan for crazy weather – The climate in Jersey is tricky this time of year and can go from summer to fall in a New York second and back.  John Elliott’s never wrong, but bring a rain poncho just in case.

6. Don’t hog your space – Your gear needs to be contained within your own parking stall and you can’t hold second spaces for rigs that haven’t shown up yet. There’s nothing better than a big tailgate party, but make sure your group arrives together and can park that way, too.

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7. Drink responsibly – You know yours and other’s safety depends on it, but did you also know that fans who indulge too much may not be allowed into the stadium? Make sure your group has a designated driver and also be certain that no one under age at your tailgate has access to alcohol.

8. Grill responsibly, too – Your grill must be positioned in your parking space and remember that open fires, deep fryers and oil-based cooking is not allowed at MetLife Stadium. Charcoal should be disposed of in the designated hot-coal bins on the islands between parking lots.

9. Pump it up just enough – Music makes the tailgate. However, your sound system shouldn’t go above 65 decibels if you want to stay within New Jersey State Ordinance and also the good graces of your neighbors.

10. Believe – They’re absolutely going to win this one. Was there ever any doubt? If so, get rid of it.

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