NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –  The nation will likely be glued to its computers and/or TV sets tonight for the much-anticipated second presidential debate.

Taking place at 9 p.m. at Hofstra University in Hempstead, the Town Hall format will have each candidate fielding questions on domestic and foreign policy from an audience of about 80 coveted uncommitted voters.

With just three weeks left until Election Day, voters still have a lot of questions for President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

We asked our CBSNewYork Facebook fans, “If given the opportunity to ask either candidate a question this evening, what would it be?”

The question generated a lot of responses, including the following:

John Cirillo: “I would like to ask both of them why do we have to wait until they are in the White House before they start turning the country around why aren’t they doing it now?”

Nylsa Barris: “What is your position on global warming?”

Gregory J Santollo: “Why do you believe in a two-party system? And how can we believe this is progress for America?”

Kristine Niessen Hitt: “Why do you BOTH support NDAA, the indefinite detention of American citizens? Doesn’t that go against the Constitution and all that this country was founded on?”

James J. Simms: “Why should we spend even one more day fighting in Afghanistan? Can we say Bin Laden is dead and declare Victory?”

Rob Maeurer: “Is it just undo any progress in the last 4 years? Remove the regulations on the banks and health care for those who can’t afford it? Remove the incentive programs for school districts to get loads of federal money?”

Roberta Hanlon: “I could care less what the questions are it is how they handle themselves speaking. Let’s be honest Congress isn’t going to work with either one of them. Let’s set term limits and start to move this Country forward again instead of in this holding pattern we seem to get in with Dem or Rep. control. It is supposed to be about WE the PEOPLE but WE the Elected and What THEY can get!”

CBS 2’s Tony Aiello went to the Carle Place Diner on Long Island to get more questions from everyday Americans.

Leslie Segrete: “We’re all struggling. We’re talking about buying homes, talking about the homes we live in and we pay for, and it’s a big concern for us so I would want to know: what can we do about taxes and tax rates for the middle class?”

Lois Palleschi: “I would basically want to know more about the economy, and what they can do for us — because we’re losing a lot.”

Frank Galalis: “Gas prices, certainly. We have to travel everyplace with cars, so what can you do to lower gas prices?”

Stuart Levinson: “How would they move forward with the relationship with Israel, given the fact that Iran wants to blow Israel away?”

Barbara Grenice: “Why did they lie and say that they didn’t know about Benghazi, when they knew it had nothing to do with a video?”

Sharon Williams: “And to go through a voucher system, that’s not fair. Everyone deserves healthcare. Where do you see that fitting in for my children in the future?”

Van Don Williams: “No race, no creed, no color, how do you feel about me?”

We’d like to ask you the same question: “If given the opportunity to ask either candidate a question this evening, what would it be?”

You can post your question in our comments section below, or on our Facebook page.

We look forward to your responses and may use them on air!