NEW YORK (WFAN) — It’s been a common theme for WFAN co-host Craig Carton throughout the baseball season: “TGFTY — Thank God for the Yankees.”

But on Wednesday morning, the radio man wasn’t feeling the Bombers vibe.

At all.

The Yankees face a 3-0 AL championship series deficit after Tuesday night’s 2-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers, a game that saw more of the same from New York — good pitching and awful hitting. Carton has seen enough. And he’s heard enough from those who want to place blame on manager Joe Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman.

“I’ll tell you I’m gonna blame,” said Carton. “I’m gonna blame my second baseman, who had a freakin’ picnic in the dugout last night, who’s 1 for 30!”

LISTEN: Carton unleashes on Yankees

Co-host Boomer Esiason just had to egg him on: What about Alex Rodriguez?

“I’m gonna blame my $30 million third baseman, who’s (allegedly) trying to (flirt with) bikini models, and is saying ‘Hi Mom’ in the dugout and could care about being benched!” Carton screamed.

How about the self-described “sensitive” right fielder?

“I’m gonna blame Nick Swisher,” he said, “for batting .154 in the postseason again.”

He was just getting started.

Yankees sluggers? More like Yankees slumpers.

“I’m gonna blame Curtis Granderson for batting .103 and striking out 15 freakin’ times,” Carton said. “I’m gonna blame Robinson Cano for batting .083! And when you add those four (guys) up, you’re talking about what? Forty strikeouts amongst the four of them!

“So stop with this nonsense, ‘I always knew Robbie Cano was lazy.’ Shut up! The guy batted .600 the last seven games (of the regular season), you dope!”

The Yankees will have ace CC Sabathia on the hill for Game 4. But it’s Baseball 101 — if they want to avoid the sweep, they’ll have to score some runs.

“Put the blame where it belongs,” said Carton. “The blame belongs on the guys we’re paying. Anibal freakin’ Sanchez looked like Greg Maddux the other night! Now (Justin) Verlander, Verlander only struck out three dudes last night. Meaning, he was hittable!”

Already thinking about the hot stove? You just made Carton’s hit list.

“Let’s not worry about the offseason. Let’s not worry about options and Josh Hamilton,” he said. “Worry about winning one freakin’ game and not embarrassing the pinstripes!”

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