Boomer and Craig kicked off Monday morning’s radio program with lots of football talk.

Craig was fired up about the Jets’ loss.  Although he predicted the Jets would get blown out Sunday by the Patriots, he thought it was their game to win.  But conservative play calling by Tony Sparano, a huge dropped pass by Stephen Hill and poor play by the Jets defense in the closing minutes gave the win to the Patriots.  The team was too conservative in the final minutes of the game and the Patriots capitalized.

In stark contrast, Eli Manning had a bad game but made a perfect pass when he needed to, and propelled the Giants to a win over the RGIII-led Redskins.  Kevin Gilbride never stopped being aggressive and put the game in Eli Manning’s hands.

Meanwhile, Tony Sparano channeled the ghost of Brian Schottenheimer.  Mark Sanchez finally played well and after a big turnover by Devin McCourty on the kickoff, Sparano sent Tim Tebow in to run the ball up the middle instead of going for the touchdown.

But enough with the X’s and O’s, this segment is really about Craig being upset and Boomer trying to calm him down.

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