We move on to Game 7 of the NLCS, and Craig is interested in what the other guys are going to watch.

Boomer is off the hook because of his Monday Night Football obligations.  The Booms said he’d be watching if he were home.  Jerry Recco and Al Dukes said they’ll be flipping back and forth while Eddie Scozzare admitted he’ll be asleep before first pitch.

Al and Eddie argued that you can just watch the baseball highlights in the morning instead of watching the game — while Boomer and Craig seemed disgusted with this idea.

Quick segue into Bart Scott.  Craig pointed out that Scott only had one more tackle than Al Dukes in Sunday’s game, as opposed to LaRon Landry who was flying around the field.  Craig said  no one cares about Scott’s media boycott because he is irrelevant on the field.

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