NEW YORK (WFAN) – He’s perfected it.

Eli Manning has become the master of fourth-quarter comebacks, and he came through again on Sunday as the Giants shocked the Redskins, 27-23, in the final minutes of action.

Arguably the most clutch quarterback in the NFL, the two-time Super Bowl MVP connected with wide receiver Victor Cruz for 77 yards with 1:13 left in the game to give the Giants a four-point lead.

He said the two-minute drill is something that he and the G-Men work on tirelessly week after week.

LISTEN: Giants quarterback Eli Manning chats with Mike Francesa

“We practice the (two-minute drill) every week,” Manning told WFAN’s Mike Francesa in his weekly spot on Monday. “Every Thursday we end practice with a two-minute drill, and coach (Tom) Coughlin gives us the circumstance. He says, ‘Alright, here’s the deal. You’ve got 1:28 and two timeouts, and you need a field goal. You’ve gotta get to the 18-yard-line.’ And we go live vs. our defense.”

To prepare the offense as much as possible, Coughlin has the Giants’ defense simulate how the opposing team’s defense tends to operate.

“Sometimes we’ll tell the defense, ‘Hey, this team plays a little bit of Tampa 2 and they play some two-man,'” the two-time Pro Bowler said. “But they’re practicing their stuff also. It’s probably the most competitive part of practice every day. The defense wants to do their part, they want to win the drill. You’re not always getting a perfect look at what the opposing team might do, which sometimes is good because sometimes they do different things.”

Manning and Cruz have become one of the premier dynamic duos in the league, and the elite quarterback can’t say enough about how tremendous the second-year player has been for Big Blue.

“He’s done a great job, he really has,” Manning said in regard to Cruz. “He’s come in, he’s worked hard at learning how to get open (and) be patient with his routes. He does a great job reading the coverage and reading defenses and making great decisions. He’s just got a great feel for where the open area is and the zones … It’s very easy to read his body language. And as a quarterback, that’s probably one of the most underrated things. People don’t really think about that.”

Manning completed 26 of 40 passes in the victory, passing for 337 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. On the season, the ninth-year player has completed 63.8 percent of his passes with 12 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Can we finally declare Eli Manning the most clutch quarterback in the National Football League? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…


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