The first time fans got to hear any of the songs on Taylor Swift’s new album, Red, came during a live web chat this past August. During that event, she took questions from fans, unveiled the title and cover art for her new album, and then played (and danced to) a recording of her new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

So, what made her choose that song as the first taste of what’s turned out to be a rather musically diverse album?

Picking that song “jumped out to me,” she explained in an interview with CBS Local. “I would play it for my friends and family, and they would come back a few days later singing it, word for word. They couldn’t get it out of their heads.”

Which, of course, seems like a extremely good sign for a song’s catchiness. But what about the fact that “Never Ever” also had to serve as the introduction to the world of Red?

Red, she says, is “a really eclectic group of songs” (as she described it, there’s a song for every emotion). And, she goes on to explain, “no particular song defines the rest of the album.”

So part of the decision to pick “Never Ever Getting Back Together” as the lead single was, she says, to “make people wonder if that was what the rest of the record sounds like.”

And, of course, once other songs began to sneak out–the low-key, country-flavored “Begin Again,” the chaotic, dubstep-influenced “I Knew You Were Trouble”–the album’s sonic diversity quickly began to show.

And the fact that “Never Ever” in some ways acted as a bit of a tease? That’s just fine with Taylor.

“It’s exciting to keep people on their toes.”

Red was released Oct. 22.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local


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