Here’s a take-home lesson for everyone: Don’t ever get in a road-rage confrontation with Toby Keith.

During an interview with the morning show team at Chicago’s US99.5, on the day of the release of his brand-new studio album Hope on the Rocks, the “big dog” explained an encounter he had “about six months ago” with an enraged motorist on an Oklahoma highway.

Toby didn’t explain exactly what caused the encounter, but he did say–in his deep, burly, matter-of-fact voice–that he “fixed it” real quick.

That’s because, as Toby explained, “In Oklahoma you can carry a concealed weapon” with a permit. And so that other motorist “decided real quick that road rage wasn’t for him. He pulled it over and decided that maybe I had something more than a middle finger.”

And it wasn’t a red Solo cup, either–though that topic also came up during the call. Turns out that Toby was “working with” the Solo Cup Company last year on some unspecified ideas, in the wake of his success with the song “Red Solo Cup.”  But then, he said, “they sold to Dart [Container Corporation], and we haven’t heard anything back.”

“People go, ‘You ought to get a piece of that,'” he says. “Here’s the problem. They probably don’t sell any more cups than they used to, but they probably have all the other colors on backstock, and they’re backordered on red.” So the success of the song “probably threw them a curve ball.”

Good point. “Yellow Solo Cup” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Toby Keith’s new album, Hope on the Rocks, is in stores now. “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” is currently on the charts, though he’s already got the next single lined up. It’s the album’s title cut, a song that Toby described as “my favorite song I think I’ve ever written.”

Hear the whole Toby Keith interview on Chicago’s US99.5.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local


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