By Steve Silverman
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Dwyane Wade can play the public relations game.

He knows how to put a good face on his public statements and come across as a caring human being.

But that’s not the real Wade.

When he speaks off the cuff and tweets what he’s really thinking, you understand that he cares about himself, and nothing else matters.

You know that Wade was annoyed yesterday by the three-hour bus ride he was forced to endure to get from Newark to his Manhattan hotel.

Sandy killed people and destroyed the homes and lives of so many, but the real tragedy is that Wade had to spend three hours on the bus.

Wade tried to back track after reaction to his selfishness came right back and hit him between the eyes.

The tweet was deleted.

Then Wade came out with another tweet saying that a basketball game didn’t need to be played with so many families hurting.

Nice try, Dwyane, nobody’s buying your particular brand of baloney.

Especially after reading what you told the Miami Herald.

Wade was quoted in the Miami Herald as saying the basketball game was good for New Yorkers who endured so much misery this week.

“We have no clue what they’ve been dealing with,” Wade told the Herald. “It’s a moment to get them away from that, and it will be a very emotional game.

So which one is it, Dwyane? Should the game canceled because people are hurting or should the game be played to give New Yorkers something to look forward to?

Pick a lane, Dwyane. It can’t be both.

But now we know exactly what kind of person Wade is, if we didn’t know already. He could care less about anyone else’s suffering. He only wants to know how it will affect his life.

He’s a very selfish individual and he always has been.

When LeBron James went through his Summer of LeBron and ultimately chose to take his vast talents to South Beach and leave beleaguered Cleveland, it was Wade who did much of the convincing to get James to play with him.

But while he was talking to James, Wade also was talking to the Chicago Bulls. Wade was trying to convince the Bulls he was interested in playing in his hometown.

However, he wanted to know the Bulls’ gameplan and how they were going to take down the Heat and the other Eastern Conference teams.

Very clever. He was doing his own subterfuge.

He had no interest in playing with Derrick Rose and the Bulls. He wanted to stay in Miami and let James do the heavy lifting for him.

That’s the kind of guy Wade is. Self-interest is his top priority.

Caring about others and playing the game fairly are not the way he goes about his job.

Nobody should believe his sorry explanation of what he meant about the tweet. He doesn’t care about overwhelmed New Yorkers and the burdens that they have been forced to endure.

He only cares about the inconvenience that he faced on his bus ride.

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