Never mind all the hullabaloo around this year’s election–Sheryl Crow is looking to the next round and beyond.

At least, that is, if the new song and video she just released this week is any indication.

With “Woman In The White House,” Ms. Crow states her case plain and simple that it’s about time the male monopoly on the top job was brought to an end.

“We’ve seen what the good ol’ boys can do,” she sings against a plucky, peppy, country-based arrangement. “Now it’s our turn to take a shot.”

For starters, Crow sings, “there’d be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on” and a good deal more “loving and listening and getting along.”

Slate’s Alyssa Rosenberg, however, took issue with some of the reasoning in Crow’s song, including the above line and others about knowing how to balance a checkbook–and being able to clean up messes “with a shovel and a pair of high heels.”

“It’s a call for a mom-in-chief,” Rosenberg writes, “with the promise that she won’t stop dressing sexy once she gets her hands on more power than is currently available to her at school-board meetings.”

Rosenberg may have a point. Though in reality, perhaps Crow’s song–in addition to being good-natured and well-intentioned–is also a nod to another country classic about a modern-dressing mom who’s shaking up the establishment: “Harper Valley P.T.A.”

“Woman In The White House” is available now on iTunes, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the American Red Cross.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local