By Joe Benigno
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There are no more undefeated teams as the Falcons fell Sunday in New Orleans. We also got our first tie since 2008 — where’s Donovan McNabb when you need him?

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And the 6-3 Colts have to be this year’s biggest surprise thus far.

Let’s get to it:

1. Houston Texans 8-1 (3)

Impressive statement win by Houston, out-playing the Bears physically in the rain in Chicago, belying the notion that Houston is a finesse team.

Next: vs. Jaguars

2. Atlanta Falcons 8-1 (1)

Atlanta falls to No. 2 after four weeks atop the list. Falcons continue to have trouble with the Saints, who have now won eleven of the last thirteen meetings in the Drew Brees era.

Next: vs. Cardinals

3. Denver Broncos 6-3 (8)

Big move for Denver into the top three. The Broncs have won four of their last five, taking control of AFC West. By the way, that Manning guy is pretty good.

Next: vs. Chargers

4. Green Bay Packers 6-3 (5)

Pack moves up a spot after enjoying their bye week; four straight wins have the Pack back on track.

Next: @ Lions

5. San Francisco 49ers 6-2-1 (4)

They say a tie is like kissing your sister; in this case it could have been Kate Upton as the Niners were very fortunate not to lose this game to the inept Rams.

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Next: vs. Bears

6. Chicago Bears 7-2 (2)

Houston showed they are just as physical as the Midway Monsters, as Cutler was knocked from the game with concussion. Another toughy for Bears coming up this week in San Fran. Jason Campbell is a nice backup, he’s just not Cutler.

Next: @ 49ers

7. Baltimore Ravens 7-2 (9)

What in the world is John Harbaugh doing running a fake field goal with a 41-17 lead? Not very classy. Baltimore now with 14 consecutive wins at home.

Next: @ Steelers

8. New England Patriots 6-3 (7)

Pats have all but locked up yet another AFC East crown as New England continues its dominance over Bills, now having beaten them 20 of last 22 times they’ve played. Got to be a little worried about that defense.

Next: vs. Colts

9. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3 (10)

Lawrence Timmons saves the day for Pitt with INT of Matt Cassell in overtime, as Steelers escape vs. crummy Chiefs in Pittsburgh. NFL’s best rivalry reconvenes next week as Ravens come to town.

Next: vs. Ravens

10. New York Giants 6-4 (6)

World champs’ annual second-half swoon in full tilt as Bengals toast them in Cincy. Where have you gone Eli Manning?

Next: Bye

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What’s your top 10 look like? Let Joe know in the comments below…