Most Taylor Swift fans have by now heard the name Ed Sheeran plenty of times. That’s because the British songwriter duets with her on the song “Everything Has Changed” from Red (a tune they allegedly wrote while sitting on a trampoline).

But the collaboration doesn’t stop there, because Taylor also announced that Ed would support her during her Red Tour next year.

Ed is, of course, an accomplished musician on his own (did you see him sing “Wish You Were Here” during the Summer Olympics?). And he just released an angelic new video for “Give Me Love” from his debut album.

The track, written by Sheeran, along with songwriters Jake Gosling and Chris Leonard, is a message of hope that we can find love in others despite our shortcomings.

The video was directed by Emil Nava (Jessie JRita Ora). It features Sheeran drinking a cup of coffee in a restaurant while an angel wanders through the city at night. Australian actress Isabel Lucas (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) plays the Cupid-like angel on the fringes, spying on lovers and sharpening her arrows. In spite of her gift for bringing others together, her loneliness brings her to a tragic end.

“Give Me Love” seems to be a hit with fans, who commented using hashtag #givemelovevideo.

#givemelovevideo, an amazing way to end an amazing album! + has been amazing and ed deserves all the successes he’s got on it<3

— Sheeranators+ (@EdsBiggestFans_) November 9, 2012

I personally loved that there wasn’t just straight people in the #givemelovevideo.Love affects everyone after all.

— Ed Sheeran Stateside (@SheeranFamUSA) November 9, 2012

This is the final video and single from my album, it’s been an awesome journey so far #givemelovevideo

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) November 9, 2012

Sheeran has seen his profile and fan base grow after recent collaborations not only with Swift but also with pop band One Direction

– Cicely C. Mitchell, Hot 95.7/Houston and Kurt Wolff, CBS Local