What does a megastar like Carrie Underwood get her famous hockey husband, Mike Fisher, for Christmas? He tells her “nothing, unless it has a motor.”

Carrie took a few minutes backstage during a stop on her Blown Away Tour in Detroit last week to talk with 99.5 WYCD’s morning show producer Steve Grunwald. During the interview she explained that she’s already bought him a tractor and a four-wheeler and for a wedding present; she also gave him a car, so, she says, “I’m out of things. I wouldn’t know what else with a motor to get him.”

Guess the guy is out of luck?

Since Mr. Underwood is currently not working due to the NHL lockout, perhaps she could buy him other types of motorized things, such as a food processor, a weed whacker, or maybe even a riding lawn mower. That would certainly help with his honey-do list.

Which might also serve to ease Carrie’s mind a bit. As she explained, she planned her current tour to coincide with the NHL season, when Mike would be gone most of the time. The lockout, though, messed this plan up. Now, instead of playing hockey, Mike is at home doing….well, not a whole lot, according to Carrie. She says she’ll call him from the road and say, “‘What’d you do today?’ and he’ll be like, ‘I worked out, I played golf.’ Ohhh, must be nice.”

Mike Fisher, Nashville Predators
Mike Fisher of Nashville Predators (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Would Mike play in Europe? Carrie tells us that he did that during a previous lockout years ago, and hesitantly she recalls “Switzerland, I think?” He most likely wouldn’t do that now, though, because as she says he’s “kind of an older player,” even at age 31. “That’s like 50 in hockey years.”

With their conflicting schedules, where will the busy couple spend Christmas? “Depends on his schedule,” says Carrie. Often, she explains, “they play right before and after [Christmas], literally the 24th and 26th, so last year was spent in Canada with his family.”

Carrie’s schedule keeps her on tour through December 22, and she admits that she is kinda hoping to go home to Oklahoma and spend this Christmas with her family.

The very successful Blown Away Tour (see photoscontinues into December and then picks back up again in February. Regarding the tour so far, Carrie states that she’s “been really blessed this year, so proud of the album, the tour is going well, and [opening act] Hunter [Hayes] is great.”

“He’s definitely got the young lady demo covered,” Carrie continues. “You can tell there are definitely people in the audience that are here to see Hunter, and stick around to see me, ’cause they already bought the ticket.”

Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes (Photo By Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

Watch the full Carrie Underwood interview on WYCD to also find out what Carrie and her “loner” friends ate for Thanksgiving dinner, what she does on the bus when she can’t sleep, and who else she fills a stocking for.

Underwood’s latest single is “Two Black Cadillacs,” a song she admits is dark but “juicy.”

– Nanci Haskin, 99.5 WYCD/Detroit


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